2009 Gwinnett County Leadership and Safety Conference

USFA Administrator Kelvin Cochran
FDNY BC John Salka
Chief Rick Lasky
FDNY Deputy Chief John Norman
Capt. Greg Schaffer
Chief Steve Rolader
2010 Gwinnett County Leadership and Safety Conference
Georgia Fire and Rescue Supply
Keeble Rescue
Metro Atlanta FOOLS
Chief Eddie Buchanan
Asst. Chief Mark Lighthill
Asst. Chief Peki Prince
BC David Rhodes
Capt. Rick Rochford
Mac McGarry
Chief Sam Heaton
Chief Eddie Buckholtz
Chief Bill Myers
Ret. Chief Steve Rolader
Brian Ward
Company News

We are in the great state of South Carolina at the South Carolina Fire Academy teaching Live
Fire 1403 and the use of Tactical Decision Games at the ISFSI Fall Conference.

Brian Ward received FDIC 2014 instructor notification -Transitional Attack: Does It Exist?
Video and Article coming soon...

First level of NIST Research has been released: http://learn.isfsi.org/login/index.php

NIST Project Team research burns in Spartanburg, SC. Several tactics are being measured
and the information is being complied now. The research findings are anticipated to be publicly
available July 2013.

FireServiceSLT and Georgia were represented this past week at the Department of
Homeland Security AFG Criteria Development Committee meeting. This was a joint effort
with 36 select individuals from the largest fire service organizations coming together to
discuss the upcoming years grant criteria and requirements.

FireServiceSLT founder Brian Ward, has been tapped to serve on a NIST Project Team for
new research on current strategies and tactics practices; including fire attack, ventilation,
smooth bore vs. fog and other items. Publication of research is anticipated to be available July

                   New ISFSI Board of Directors sworn in during 2012 FDIC

New Fire Engineering Article - Always be Prepared for the Unexpected

New Fire Engineering Article - Quick Drill: Standpipe Training

2012 National Near Miss Firefighter Calendar: Focus on Fireground Communication, Pg 36-37

New article in November Fire Engineering concerning Hydrogen Sulfide Response Click Here

Two Perspective Approach to Mentoring with Atlanta Battalion Chief Daivd Rhodes in July
Fire Engineering Magazine...

FDIC Training Materials

New article in Fire Engineering: Hiring Experienced Firefighters

New Classes Posted:
Expect the Unexpected
Becoming Fully Involved in FF Safety

Fire and EMS Safety, Health and Survival Week Video and Letter.

Currently 2,780 Georgia Firefighter Signatures!
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Cairo, GA. FD 100% Compliance
Big Smith Vol. FD 100% Compliance
Moultrie, GA. FD 100% Compliance
Hall County FD 338 Signatures
Gwinnett County FD 673 Signatures
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Fully Resolved Class 82 Signatures
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Perry, Ga. FD 100% Compliance
Cobb County FD 100% Compliance
Gainesville FD 100% Compliance
City of Milton Fire Rescue 100% Compliance
Gresston Vol. FD 100% Compliance